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Patent n. 1.415.104
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Created for the Audio systems, the "Electronic Massage" was later developed and patented for other specific high-tech sectors. There are two families of "Electronic Massage" devices:

1. The Massage E-Tech©

It "
Massage of Electronic Technologies©" It has been patented for application in other sectors that require high precision and quality of operation of appliances and equipment. It is technology areas characterized by signals at ultrasonic frequencies up to the higher frequencies so far known.

It benefitting sectors:

  • "Video"
  • and "Photography".

The functions of the "M/E-Tech©" are the same of the Audio industry, then improve the performance of digital monitors, video cards and electronic section of the cameras, increasing the precision of operation, speed and definition.

Other more sophisticated equipment that can benefit from the use of Massage E-Tech© are:

  • "radar";
  • "sonar";
  • "ultrasound systems";
  • "radio-telescopes";
  • "space-telescopes";
  • "scientific equipments";
  • "medical equipments";
  • "militar equipments";
  • other tools and high technology equipments;
  • electrical and optical cables;
  • etc.

Even in these cases the function of the M/R-Tech© is, the same, to improve the transmission efficiency and the energy transformation by performing appropriate frequency  organized according to a "mathematical function".

In all these cases, the patented process can not be contained in a CD_R, but in different devices, including DVD - Video, Bluray Disc and the PCB. The latter may be an integral part of any equipment or precision instrument.

For example, in a 4K monitor the card can be incorporated in its electronics section, in order to activate the "massage" with a simple click of the remote control.

As in the case of bringing in "Perfect Form" a giant radio telescope greatly increasing its sensitivity…

2. How to use

The M/E-Tech© can be advantageously used to improve and enhance the performance of other electronic equipment, as expressed "Instructions for Use".

3. Users of the Massage E-Tech©

The Massage E-Tech© is the only patent "method" for the improvement and the increase of transmission efficiency and energy transformation. It is a new, innovative and unique in the world product. That's why the need to identify the technology areas and the users.

It can be applied to different products (both in type and use) and areas:

  • audio;
  • video;
  • radar;
  • radio-telescopes;
  • spaces telescopes;
  • sonar
  • etc.

Then the electronic massage is intended to:

  • audiophiles;
  • photography and video lovers;
  • professionals of various kinds;
  • researchers;
  • industries;
  • etc.

The product is especially useful because it greatly accelerates the time to reach and improve performance.

This allows you to get maximum performance from any product receiving the massage. You get utility and advantages such as the improvement of scientific revelations.

4. Effects on Hi-Tech Equipment

Relatively to Hi-Tech sectors, the effects are displayed in an overall improvement in the functioning quality, as well as in increasing performances of instruments and high precision equipment subject to "massage".

For example, in a "Monitor 4K", the effects translate into a general improvement of the quality of the video images, due to the increase of speed of response and reaction. This also thanks to better inner management of the use of electricity. This maximization of resources leads to a marked increase in definition, transparency, focus and quality of video images in rapid motion.

Same positive characteristics are made even in high precision equipment and instrumentation for scientific use. For example, in the "Radar" it is improved the ability to receive and focus the signals of even weaker value than that previously. This increases the ability to detect moving objects from farther away or smaller. This always thanks to the efficiency of transmission and transformation equipment.

These positive features can be detected in many areas of technology and science, as well as in many types of sophisticated equipment. This is possible only if these devices can be subjected to "massage", as "specific versions" of "Massage E-Tech©".

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