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PATENT N. 1.415.894

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PATENT 1, N. 1.415.894/2015 - INTRODUCTION

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Hi-Performances Electric Cables Family

The best features of efficiency of electricity transmission, into electric cables, are realized through the implementation of complex geometric structures that, considering the physical phenomena related to its transmission, allow the increase of speed.

These features are represented in the new generation of multi-core cables in very high efficiency of electricity transmission of all types: high-voltage, signal and power. We can say it is patented geometry which open a new frontier in the study of technologies. Hence, we are talking about "transmitting devices", and not about a simple sets of wires.

The "Research Report" from the European Patent Office, on date 08/30/2013 has recognized the novelty at international level of these geometric structures designed and developed by Dr. Francesco Piccione. The same Report determined that these innovative geometries represent the current state-of-the-art technology at international level as the most technologically advanced technology relating to "wires".

In addition, the "Research Report", at the point 2.2, states that Dr. Francesco Piccione is the only European who, for more than 30 years, has been involved on this type of research, which resulted in a patent.
His geometry was compared to those famous American researchers such as Cardas, Victor and Hacker. We can proudly say: an italian on the top of the world.

In fact, George Cardas created two important patents related to electrical cables in 1986 and 1990 that have laid the foundation of the study and implementation of modern electrical cables.
Thanks to the Patent n. 1415894/2015 Francesco Piccione, we enter a new era: one in which there are innovative and efficient geometric structures which transform our conception on power line: from a bunch of electric wires to efficient transmission devices of electricity intended for any kind of use.

These new devices allow to increase the performance of any electronic device, as well as the efficiency of transport of the electrical voltage.

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