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Francesco Piccione & project Reference System V

High-End Loudspeakers System

The studies on the propagation on sound waves and the design of the speakers, led to creation of the Reference System, system of sound diffusion with HI-END characteristics.

It is a system, apparently similar to another, which maximizes the principle of efficiency in the transmission of electrical energy and its conversion into sounds. There are several important  technical aspects.

The system is based on four towers, each with characteristics of originality.
The towers of the bass core "tuned" in Pseudo-Infinite Baffle, with linear output Omnypolar Line Source©.

The panels of medioalti (medium-high),  exploit in part the principle dipole emission with characteristics of cylindrical shape (Cylindrical Line Source©).

The system works in Tri-amplification active, that is, each line of speakers is powered by its own amplifier, whose maximum power is 40 W.
The efficiency is at unprecedented levels so that you can listen to music with just a few Watts.

But there is much more, making it a system unique in its kind.
Francesco Piccione has also designed other speakers with unique features.

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