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PATENT N. 1.415.894

The Theory of Anticipation of Energy

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Author: Dr. Francesco Piccione

4. The genesis of research

My passion for listening to music through HI-FI systems started in November 1978. From the beginning my attention turned, rather than to music, to the correct reproduction of the sound and to the instruments suitable to obtain it.

At the time, we still did not talk about the influence on the sound of "audio cables" and my skills were limited to the test of any type of "solid conductors" and verification of their possible influence on the sound quality reproduced: I really tried many.

Over time, the experimental horizon on the correct reproduction of sound expanded enormously, so much so that it merged, in more recent times, in several of my literary works, including monographs and books. For example, "Dell'Enigma dei Cavi©" is the title of my well-known book concerning certain aspects of this experimentation.

The experimentation, however, on solid conductors for audio use (
and not only), underwent impulses and more and more precise experiences, especially starting from September 1998 with the birth of a particular "device" of my design that is able to enlarge correctly, even microscopic sound differences. Since then, I have been able to continue my activity of study, research and experimentation, in a more professional and scientific way, arriving at an unexpected series of revolutionary discoveries.

5. Two visible phenomena: lightning and water

The best opportunity to analyze the flow of electricity, in addition to some well-known laboratory examples, is offered by the sight of the "lightning" in the sky during thunderstorms. We can see that their trend is never perfectly linear, but is "zig-zag".
The question I asked myself in all these years of experimentation has always been the following: "Does the flow of electricity within solid conductors have the same non-linear behavior of lightning?".

Another visible phenomenon is that of water flow.
In the 1930s a device was patented to eliminate the "turbulence" of the flow of water. Observing the experiments, we have seen that water always flows in a more "turbulent" way when its speed increases. The turbulence is due to the presence of air bubbles and vortexes that are generated spontaneously with its movement. These elements limit both the speed of movement and the power of the jet. The speed of movement and the power are increased if the causes of turbulence are eliminated.

The invented device "forces" water to flow according to a "laminar" mode, determining a decidedly more efficient behavior. This device, for example, has allowed firemen, from the early twentieth century, to get water to the highest floors of skyscrapers, more efficiently. This is due to the increase in the speed and power of the water flow.

The questions I asked myself were: "Does the flow of electricity within solid conductors behave in a turbulent way like water?". Furthermore: "Is it possible to create a device similar to the one invented for water, able to increase the efficiency and speed of the flow of electricity?".

6. The atypical method of investigation

The previous observations could be made as visible to the naked eye.
Therefore, in this phenomenological field of correct experimentations, it has not been simple and has even required several years of studies and experiences.

The obstacle to be circumvented lies in trying to analyze a phenomenon, the behavior of the flow of electricity, which can not be:

  1. nor observed through the immediate visual inspection of what is happening;
  2. or detected with appropriate technical equipment.

Therefore, there is no possibility of studying and understanding the behavior that holds the flow of electricity, both within solid conductors and in electronic equipment, because there is no possibility of checking with our eyes what is happening.

Therefore, my research method used to achieve these extraordinary discoveries was atypical, namely:

"The perceptive observation of sound variations, for the understanding of variations in the behavior of the flow of electricity".

The "transport" with very high efficiency and speed of the electricity flow, with high voltage and low power.

INDEX: 1. Premise. 2. Scope of the argument. 3. The phenomenon of the research. 4. The genesis of the research. 5. Two visible phenomena: lightning and water. 6. The atypical method of investigation. 7. Analysis of the sounds in the scientific world. 8. The exceptional measurement tool. 9. The particular conditions of the experimentation. 10. The goal: high efficiency and transmission speed. 11. Testing of "power" or "high voltage" cables: 11.1 First phase; 11.2 Second phase; 11.3 Third phase; 11.4 Fourth phase; 11.5 Fifth phase. 12. The results of the long experimentation. 13. The scientific validity of the experimentation. 14. An extraordinary series of revolutionary discoveries. 15. From the traditional "electric cables" to the revolutionary "passive electromagnetic devices". 16. A surprising aspect: the "Energy Anticipation". 17. The Theory of the relativity by Albert Einstein. 18. Relativity and flow of electricity. 19. Speed and conservation of energy. 20. Anticipation and "quantum correlation". 21. The unveiled mystery. 22. The theory of "Energy Anticipation". 23. The beginning of a new technological generation. 24. The future: high-tech power lines and efficiency.

1. Premise

It is difficult to explain in words, my amazement at the discovery of having been the first in the world to invent the first generation of "passive electromagnetic devices", able to increase the efficiency and transmission speed of the flow of electricity and, at the same time, the "saving" of the same, when passing through them.

This writing tells a series of surprising researches and discoveries, which are incredible and revolutionary.
It is the story of a journey of experiences, which took place from the eighties to the present, which brought me, first of all to my industrial invention patent n. 1,415,894/2015, concerning the discovery of new "geometric structures" related to complex "solid conductors"; subsequently, to the elaboration of this my theory: that of the "Anticipation of Energy".

I would like to emphasize, as I have done on many other occasions, that my interest is not that of "praising myself", but that of making people aware of the exceptional nature of this story.
In addition, let them know that all this happened without using public money from any source, but with my own money and my family, in addition, of course, to my time, energy, commitment and dedication constant for about three decades.

Before proceeding to reading, here is a note on the meaning of the main terms used.
The term "
solid conductor" is always referred to any type of "cable", "conductive wire" and "electrical cable", capable of conducting electrical voltage and current, composed of any conductive material (copper, aluminum, silver, etc.) and form.
The term "
geometric structure" is always referred to the internal geometric shape (geometric of the cable) of any type of "solid conductor" (bifilar, coaxial, multipolar, etc.).
The term "
audio cable" is always referred to a "solid conductor" used in HI-FI (signal or interconnection cables, power or for loudspeakers).
The terms "
power supply cable" and "high voltage cable" always refer to "solid conductors", suitable for being transited from high voltage to 125/220/240/etc. Volt.

2. The scope of the argument

This topic does not concern the "Electrotechnic" or the "Electronic Engineering".
Both of these disciplines are intended to produce the result of the research in a product. Therefore, they are not absolutely suitable for explaining the physical phenomena that will be described later; let alone understand them.

The scientific discipline of this topic is the "Physics".
The "Physics" can be divided into two branches: the "Theoretical" and the "Experimental" or "Practice".
Both of these branches are linked to each other in this way: experimental physics, putting into practice what affirms the "theoretical" one; or the practice then explains the results from the theoretical point of view.

This topic, therefore, is part of the "Experimental" Physics.
Through the experimentation of practical models, I have come to revolutionary discoveries that the "Theoretical" Physics will try to explain their validity and functioning.

3. The phenomenon object of the research

This research involved:

"The "behavior" of the "flow of electricity"
inside the "solid conductors"".

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