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With over thirty years of study, research and experimentation in the field of audio, Dr. Francesco Piccione has become one of the few reference point in Italy, and in absolute in the field of electric cables.

His research, works and writings made him a considerable prestige by virtue of the seriousness and importance of the result achieved.

We remember, for example:

  • his studies on the design of loudspeakers and "line source cylindrical and omnipolar" (merged into the R/System and others);

  • research on the transmission of electricity through power lines intended for multiple uses, where maximum transmission efficiency  is needed (merged into proprietary technologies such as Trex wired©, MP-P©, X-HD©, etc);

  • his first book was "Exoteric High Fidelity" (1988-1994) and his later works regarded  the correct sound reproduction (books, monographs, upgrade, Standard, Minimum©);

  • among the monographs, we remember the outstanding research of influence on "The sound of digital errors C1, C2 and CU" (2010) and "Enigma of cables" (1999-2010), now considered a milestone for builders and DIY cable;

  • finally, the newest, "Massage Disc©".

This site has been developed to highlight his countless works and ideas in the service of accurate reproduction of sound, music and culture in general.

And not only…

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